GelMoment compensation plan is geared to optimize the opportunities of generating recurring revenue, based on your lifestyle.  You can choose to be a high net earner, or just look at GelMoment as an opportunity to supplement an existing income.  Here are some of the plan highlights:

All of our products are sold at retail prices.

Based on your rank you will be able to earn up to 50% off the retail price.

Earn up to 7% commission on your first level of Distributors.

Earn commissions on up to 10 levels of Distributors.

Earn personal bonuses and new recruit bonuses based on performance.

Earn Trip and Car incentives.

Build a solid business with a solid team and be a part of a solid company. 







Requirements: What a Distributor needs to achieve to be eligible for earnings or to remain active.


Personal Retail Sales: All eligible retail purchases/sales both personal and those made by your customers, through your website.


Personal Retail Earnings: This is the discount you receive on your personal purchases and sales made through your website. The discount is based on your monthly “Paid As” Rank.


Additional Retail Earnings (5% to 25%): Additional Bonus paid on all eligible retail purchases. This is calculated once the month is closed and your “Paid As” Rank is determined, based on requirements.


Total Team Wholesale Sales: Includes the total amount of wholesale sales for all the Distributors in your downline, depending on your monthly “Paid As” Rank.  


Commissionable Team Wholesale Sales: This refers to the amount of Team Wholesales Sales that are eligible to earn residual income. These amounts are based on 70% of the retail value of all commissionable items.


Commissionable Items: All products with the exception of LED Lamps, Business Supplies and select Promotional Items.


Branches: A Branch is each of your 1st Level Distributors and their downline. A downline refers to the amount of levels for which you are eligible to receive a commission. For example, if you are a Drama Queen, you earn from 4 levels. A Branch would be each of your 1st Level Distributors and their 3 levels.


Branch Team Wholesale Sales: The minimum amount of Wholesale Sales each Branch is required to have. These sales are included in your Total Team Wholesale Sales.


Promoting Team Members: Number of “Paid As” Divas required in your earning levels of your Downline.


Residual Income: Commissions earned on your eligible team members, determined by your monthly “Paid As” Rank.


Inactivity: A Distributor is inactive if they have not paid their annual renewal fees by their due date or if they have not met their 90-day rolling activity requirement. An inactive account is permanently closed, and the Distributor’s downline is lost. Inactive accounts cannot be reopened.


Monthly “Paid As” Rank: The rank achieved at end of each calendar month. This rank is used to calculate commissions and additional retail earnings for that month.


90-Day Rolling Activity Requirement: To avoid becoming inactive, each Distributor must have at least the following amount in Personal Retail Sales within the past 90 days. 







How does the GelMoment Compensation Plan work?

The Compensation Plan is based on monthly requirements and on a 90-day rolling activity requirement; the two are different.

There are no annual requirements needed to earn monthly commissions (other than paying your annual renewal fees).   1 Year eWallet Fee - Value of CAD & USD $49 AUD $65 GBP £39 and 1 Year Website Maintenance Fee Value of CAD & USD $24 AUD $30 GBP £19.

The first day of each month, each Distributor other than those at the “Gel Go” Level, will be reset back to the Fashionista level, giving you a fresh start and the opportunity to earn up to the highest level for that month.

All Personal Retail Sales and purchases made throughout that month will be discounted at 25% (paid through eWallet, within one hour of the transaction).

On the last day of each month, your “Paid As” rank will be determined based on all the requirements achieved during that month. Allow up to 5 business days for residual income to appear in your eWallet account.

If you end the month with a higher Rank than Fashionista, you will receive the difference between the 25% and 50% discount that you are entitled to, in one lump sum.

You will also receive commissions on your downline based on the “Paid As” rank that you achieved that month. All the requirements listed under each rank must be met during a given month in order to qualify to be “paid as” that rank.

See the Monthly Rank Requirement Chart and Earnings breakdown charts for details. Charts and values vary by country. All Australian values include GST. All UK values include VAT.

Each Rank comes with an exclusive Charm. Charms are mailed out once the month ends and ranks are achieved. One Charm per rank can be earned.

Plans with yearly requirements do not give you the opportunity to excel when you are having a good month and they penalize you for an overall performance if you had a few months that were not great.



How are monthly volumes calculated?

Personal sales and purchases made through your website are based on Retail value. Team sales are based on wholesale value. (Based on 70% of retail).



Why are Team Sales calculated at 70% of Retail value?

All Distributors earn Retail Commission automatically on sales and purchases through their website, which essentially functions the same as receiving a retail/wholesale discount. Once the rank of Fashionista has been reached, Distributors earn a minimum discount of 25%, and a maximum discount of 50%. Team Sales are calculated using 30% discount, as this is an average.




What is the rolling 90-day activity requirement and how does it work?  

Each Distributor must meet a minimum amount of sales whether personal or through their website to remain active. This requirement is based on a rolling 90-day period and begins again and extends the deadline every time the target is met. The activity requirement amount is based on Retail value and includes all commissionable purchases. This excludes: Enrollment packages and non-commissionable items.



What happens if a Distributor does not meet the 90-day rolling requirement and their account becomes inactive?

If a Distributor’s account becomes inactive, their account will be permanently closed and their downline will roll-up to their sponsor. Each Distributor receives 3 warning emails advising them that their account is close to inactivity. Their Sponsor receives the same email, regarding their team member’s account.  

Once an account is closed, a Distributor will have to purchase a new enrollment package and begin at the Gel Go level. It is permitted to re-enroll a new account immediately after the account closure. After re-enrolling, the Distributor may contact our support department if they would like to re-use their previous website URL.



How much is the requirement for the 90-day rolling requirement?

To avoid becoming inactive, each Distributors must have at least the following amount in Personal Retail Sales in the past 90 days:

$200 Canada

$200 USA

$220 Australia

£180 UK


What does LIFETIME Fashionista rank mean?

Once a Distributor has reached the amount required to be a Fashionista, they will maintain this rank as long as their account remains active. This guarantees a minimum personal retail earnings of 25%. To reach the level of Gossip Girl or above for the first time, a Distributor must have first met the personal retail sales requirements of a Fashionista. This is required in addition to the Gossip Girl (or above) requirements outlined in the Monthly Rank Requirements Chart. For example, a Canadian Distributor who has just enrolled would need to first reach $500 in PRS, prior to generating the $250 PRS and $500 Team Wholesale Sales requirements, to reach the rank of Gossip Girl.

A Distributor at the Gel Go level earns 15% commission on all Personal Retail Sales until a new order is placed, after having reached the Fashionista requirement. An order larger than the amount required to reach the rank of Fashionista will still be paid entirely at 15%, as the Distributor only becomes a Fashionista after this order has been placed. Once having reached Fashionista, retail commissions are paid at 25% or higher, based on the “Paid As” rank determined each month.



What is required to advance to the next rank?

In order to advance to any rank, you must meet ALL of the requirements listed in the Monthly Rank Requirement Chart; Personal Retail Sales, Total Team Wholesale Sales, Branches, Branch Team Wholesale Sales and Promoting Team Members. Each rank has specific requirements for each category.



What happens if the rolling 90-day requirement is met but the monthly requirements are not?

If you have reached the level of Gossip Girl and above, you must meet all the requirements listed below each rank in order to be eligible to earn residual income. For any month that you do not meet all the team/branch/promoting team member requirements, you will only be eligible to earn commission on your personal retail sales. Distributors with a “Paid As” rank of Gel Go or Fashionista do not have any monthly requirements to meet.



Does the Enrollment Package count towards Personal Retail Sales or Team Sales?




Are commissions paid out on the purchase of Enrollment Upgrades and do they count towards PRS and Team sales?


There is no retail commission paid to the new Distributor on the Upgrades because they are already offered at

a substantial discount. However, the Upgrades do count towards PRS, Team Wholesale Sales, and

Commissionable Wholesale Team Sales.




Are the Total Team Wholesale Sales required for each of my downline levels?

No. Total Team Wholesale Sales is the total amount of wholesale sales, generated by all your eligible earning levels combined.



What counts towards Personal Retail Sales?

All purchases and sales made through your website count towards Personal Retail Sales, with the exception Business Supplies and select Promotional Items. See the “Product Eligibility Chart” in your back-office for full details.  



What is the difference between Team Wholesale Sales and Commissionable Team Wholesale Sales?

Team Wholesale Sales are used to determine your monthly “Paid As” Rank, whereas Commissionable Team Wholesale Sales are used to calculate your residual income.

Example: LED Lamps are non-commissionable items. Although you do not earn residual income on them, they are included in the amount of Team Wholesale Sales to determine your monthly “Paid As” Rank.

Please note that you will always receive your Personal Retail Earnings when purchasing any of our LED Lamps.



What are the numbers listed in the Total Team Wholesale Sales category on the Monthly Rank Requirements Chart?

The dollar amount refers to the Total Team Wholesale Sales that you need and the number of levels shows how many levels in your downline you are eligible to include in that calculation.



Why are LED Lamps non-commissionable?

Although our lamps are considered non-commissionable, it is important to make the distinction that this only applies for residual income calculations. Distributors earn the full amount of retail commission for all LED Lamps purchased or sold through their website. The primary reason that our LED Lamps are not eligible to generate residual income is because they include a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers all defects and problems that may occur, and this is included without any fee for the Distributor or customer.



Why is my PRS number higher than what shows up in the Sales and Commissions Chart?

In Canada, sales taxes are charged separately on the subtotal of each order. Distributors earn retail commission on incurred sales taxes. This portion of the retail commission payout adjusts the amount of sales taxes paid, so that they are calculated using the order’s value after the discount has been applied. To avoid any confusion when verifying the accuracy of your Personal Retail Earnings payouts, the displayed PRS value includes sales taxes. However, these sales taxes are not included in the Personal Retail Sales requirement (for activity or rank advancement purposes) which is why the number displayed in the chart will not match for Canadian Distributors. The value will be the same for all other countries at this time. For example, a Distributor with the rank of Fashionista and living in Alberta places an order for 1 bottle of Gel Polish. The order’s subtotal is $25.00, and $1.25 is collected in sales taxes. The retail commission payout is $6.56 ($26.25 * 25%). The PRS displayed in her Personal Sales table and Order History section will be $26.25, and the value displayed in the Sales & Commissions Chart will be $25.00. 



Why is the “Amount Eligible” different than the “Total” in my “Order History”?

The “Total” field is the “subtotal” value on the invoice. The “Amount Eligible” field is the following:

Amount Eligible = (order subtotal – promo items – sales tools) + applicable sales taxes

For USA/AUS/UK, “Total” and “Amount Eligible” will always be identical if no promotional items or sales tools are purchased. If either are purchased, then the value of amount eligible would be the subtotal minus promotional items and sales tools.